Expanding our scrapbook all over the lab

Today me, my advisor/supervisor and my phd fellow started a new way for documenting our ideas and thoughts while discussing about many things and switching from one context to another without having to worry about losing those piece of papers! And we also can start and stop anytime we like because the last updates is written… on the windows! Like this:

Or this:

Yes, today we draw block diagrams, algorithms, calculations and everything on the windows! It is super fun because we can write on both sides and read it from both sides as well! And we also stick some papers on the windows, keeping track and saving some notes about related things.

We’ve also agreed to split some space for cryto and some other for robotics, but what happened was we wrote and mixed things up together, everywhere we like hi hi hi…

Going to buy more markers with different colors, so we will get something like this! Hi hi hi hi


Here are pictures from our lab:

More about this writing stuff on whiteboard, black board, windows, whatever, is here 😉