Converting ASCII to BIGINT and vice versa

Reporting a little progress today, that I have successfully understood and made a code to convert ascii to bigint and vice versa.

The structure for a big integer is as follows:

typedef unsigned long ELEMENT;
typedef struct {
    ELEMENT        hw[4*MAXLONG];

MAXLONG is the number of machine words used in an array that holds NUMBITS. NUMBITS is the total number of bits we expect to be working with.

I’m still using Rosing’s book for reference.

Next step will be make more codes on big integer’s operations.

Then what? Why am I doing this anyway?

[…recalling the last progress…]

Oh – oh, I guess I was in the middle of trying to find a way on how to convert a big number into a point in elliptic curve… and then, I need to know how to represent a big big integer, and how to deal with it.


I guess it will be easier to continue working on the plaintext converting code.

Ok, that’s it for now!