TA-ing graduate students…

Arrrrrrghghghgg… not the first time, but still, being a teaching assistant is no easy for me.Especially in this class, one of my most favorite class I never got bored to sit in. Not to mention the lecturer is one of the expert in my field of research, and maybe the best presenter I’ve ever known. Ssssooo scaarrrryy to teach his class, aaaaaaaaaarrrhhh!

I was supposed to teach the class about symmetric and asymmetric key and the cryptosystems, and give them the big picture and ideas about cryptography. But like always, being nervous at the first time teaching a new class full of strangers, I started to hide behind the numbers and calculations. Too shy too look at the audience! And so be it: the class turned out to be too theoretical and too much math calculations 😦

But the other TA, to whom I asked for help when the students asked about the real implementation of security, sucessfully wrapped up the class and gave them the big picture about cryptography. And once again, I learn about how to teach, and how to manage the stress. Thanks partner 😉

[One more presentation to do at the math department! Tomorrrow, 11 am !!!]