Reporting some progress

Well, I’m posting some updates about my progress just to announce that I’m still alive and still willing to continue the phd programme yet still struggling from getting bored of the topic 😀

  1. The proposal (ver 7.0) had been submitted.
  2. The problems due to my mistake of registering to a wrong course is being taken care of.
  3. The slides for quals (and to be presented to #1, #2 and #3 on Mon and on the phd regular meeting on Wed) is almost ready. It’s 56 slides already, I’m giving quite a lot of diagrams, illustrations and simple calculations 🙂
  4. The seminar about research and roadmap went fine.
  5. The least important thing is: i dream about diagrams, hypothesis, philosophical way of thinking and bla bla blaaaa… every night. Sleeping is not so much fun anymore 😦