How to make a table with multirows in Lyx

Another trivial technical tips I need to post for my own reference whenever I forgot about these seem-to-be-not-important things.

If you want to make a table with multirows like this in Lyx:


things won’t be as easy as creating tables with multicolumn. Lyx won’t allow you to right click and check the “multicolumn” option on the preference window.

Here’s how:

1. You have to insert these command in LATEX on the table like this:


    this command

    \multirow{4}{0.5cm}{the text goes here}

    means that we set a multirow that consists of 4 rows with 0,5cm width and “the text goes here” as the text

    2. Insert another scripts in the document’s preamble:


    3. And there you go! A multirow table.

    An official tutorial from Lyx here.