Bada Programming Tips for Beginner

I’m going to list some important things one should know before developing application with Bada:

  1. Directory structure
    All we need is here. Tutorial is under Documents directory. Examples and Samples directory is very useful, it contains various examples that can help us to learn faster by looking how coding in bada should be written. IDE directory contains of everything needed by the IDE, including your workspaces. Resources is for storing pictures, etc.
    Knowing the directory structure is very important. For example, a database file, is stored in a very long path like this:
  2. Library
    You need to know the content of the library. The more you are familiar with the library (namespaces, classes), the more easier you understand the examples and then develop your own code.
  3. Examples
    There are many examples (shown at the right side of the IDE) that can be copied to your own workspace and then you can easily modify and compile.
  4. Help
    You don’t need to google to find some answers about bada programming. It’s all here.