Progress of the day

  1. Just found a possibility of contribution, still checking the validity in both theoretically and implementation.
  2. Just found out that phd research is not about finding something new. You also have analyze, test and verify everything, make conclusions, present all the proofs (with diagrams, graphs, list of coding, equations), and above all, you have to know every detail and simplify it and bring it to the higher level so everybody would understand what you’re doing. And, all has to be convincing.
  3. Just found out that the more pressure I get, the more I do things to deviate it. I write more, I talk more, I think more. I hope this is a good thing.
  4. I still in this state. So I’m still avoiding human beings and other living things.
  5. Tomorrow will meet #1 for progress report, and have to submit revised progress report to #2.