Macbook is back :)

After almost 3 weeks, here’s my macbook with new motherboard 🙂
I’m so happy! I’m like a fish swimming in the sea, after being put in a bucket 🙂

Here’s the list of things I miss the most from Mac :

  1. Finder. Mac OS file manager. It allows you to color certain directories to make it easier to find/categorize. It also have a strong searching algorithm, so I can always find every file I need without having to remember in which directory I put it. I can also view each files easily by pressing space bar, so I can see through inside the docs, scrolling each page of it without having to open the application. Viewing with spacebar also works for video, it can play in fullscreen. Right away without loading anything.
  2. Widgets. By pressing F12 a dictionary, address book, or apps being added will pop at the screen right away. I always use the dictionary and the thesaurus all the time this way. Very fast and useful.
  3. Growl. It will notify you for many things: twitter updates, chat conversations, etc. It’s nice to read all the updates on some part of the screen while doing something else like writing or reading or browsing.
  4. The apps. I almost can’t work without Bibdesk for managing my bibliography collection, Lyx for writing papers and docs with excellent math typing, Stainless the multisession browser, and Adium an instant messaging application that allows multiple accounts. And so many apps, Apple always has something for everything 🙂
  5. The trackpad gestures. All swiping and scrolling is much easier with Mac. Mac is snappy, it responds quickly, no delay.
  6. The display quality. The typography. The appeareance. The design.
  7. The spaces and expose. Makes moving from one work or one window to another very fast.
  8. Time machine. Backing up files dan system and can restore from a chosen date.
  9. Hibernation. Mac wakes up from a hibernation state in a blink 🙂
  10. I will add more things, there are so many 🙂
And here is the list I will never do again to my Mac:
  1. I will not run virtual machine again and run hardware simulation again there 😀 It’s to heavy, apparently this cause overheating that at the end broke the motherboard.
  2. I will not use dual boot. I have tried Windows and Mac OS. Not useful and inconvenient. And not good for the harddisk. I lost my previous one because of this.
  3. Put a keyboard cover, or a plastic body cover. It will cause overheating.
That’s all for a while. I’m going to celebrate the night with the 3year old Mac, hopefully it will make it until I finish the grad school 🙂
the battery works fine now 🙂