Upgrading Macbook HDD

Ok. This is how I upgraded Macbook 120GB internal harddisk to 320 GB.

First, connect the new harddisk using enclosure with USB port:

And then erase the new harddisk using Disk Utility so it will be recognised by Mac OS, and then clone the disk using SuperDuper.

It took several hours, and then start unscrewing:

After the L-shaped metal cover had been removed, then a white flap will come into view, and pull it to get the harddisk out:

This is the full view of the original Macbook internal harddisk enclosure:

And I found out that I did not have the screwdriver for the screws:

So I bought new set of screwdriver, yay:

And unscrewing the old harddisk:

Unscrewing the new one from the enclosure:

To get this:

And then swap the harddisks, do the screwing, reverse the process and yay! It’s now booting!

And works! 🙂

The tutorial for alumunium macbook version is here.

[Thx for Bobby for the advice and quick tutorial 😉 He’s available on Twitter too 🙂 ]