Retrieving lost passwords in MacOS

For some reasons I cannot explain here, I have several accounts for emails and socmeds and chat service. Today I forgot one which refers to another account, which I forgot the password, which refers to a dead email. Recursive craziness of losing passwords.

I tried several ways like guessing all passwords I could remember, trying to find out how to switch the address of the dead email to a live one, an so on. And then I remembered that I connect to most of the accounts (Gmail, YM, FB, etc) using Adium, so tinkered with it to try to recover the passwords, but for no avail.

So I googled, and find out that all passwords are stored in Finder > Application > Keychain Access. I just need to click the account list there, and put a check on “show password” and enter the mac password, and yay! 🙂